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Synergy in Health and Work



Occupational Health Services

Organisations just like individuals are  unique, however the occupational health issues which arise from employer and employee interactions require a bespoke and tailored solution to effect a successful outcome. 

This is where EQ8 can address a range of issues from fitness for work, sickness absence management, risk assessment, health surveillance and ill health retirement.


Workplace Health Promotion

Integral to a healthy organisation is a healthy workforce. To assist your organisation in achieving its goals EQ8 can create bespoke programmes to promote good health in your organisation. Get in touch if you wish to discuss your organisational aspirations for a healthier work force.


EQ8 Mediation

Too often relations at work can breakdown and result in tremendous turmoil for both the employee and employer with loss of productivity. EQ8 Health provides seamless  access for your organisation to our in house mediation services. Early resolution through mediation can have significant benefits for your organisation not least financial. Get  in touch to discuss your mediation needs.

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